Photo courtesy of unsplash -  https://unsplash.com/photos/5Qwz2KyfIBE

Photo courtesy of unsplash - https://unsplash.com/photos/5Qwz2KyfIBE

I was born in Caracas, Venezuela, where I went to a German school (K-12) named Colegio Humboldt. After graduating from high school, I did 2 trimesters at Universidad Simon Bolivar. Due to the difficult political, social, and economical situation in my home country, I decided to transfer to the University of Michigan (U of M) in Ann Arbor. At U of M, I studied Mathematics and Computer Science, and received my B.Sc. in 2007. During my time in Michigan, I competed in several competitions - I was ranked 1st in Michigan and 38th nationally at the Putnam Mathematical Competition in 2004 (individual) and ranked 1st in Michigan at the ACM Programming Competition in 2007 (team). I was also a member of Telluride House from 2005-2007, which offers full room & board scholarships and was one of the highlights of my college experience.

After graduating from college, I started working at Google as an Associate Product Manager. Over the 5 and a half years I spent there, I had the opportunity to contribute to various features and launches of Web Search (google.com), Google Maps, Voice Search, Android and Google+ Local. While I was in Mountain View, CA for most of my time at Google, I also spent 2 years working out of the Zurich office.

Right after Google, I joined Yahoo as a Senior Director of Product Management in the Mobile organization. I put together and led a team that launched Yahoo's homepage app, which reached the #1 spot in the News category on both Android and iOS and sustained that ranking for ~6 months. I then joined the Yahoo Mail App team and shipped the biggest refresh of the app in years. It reached the #5 spot of alliOS free apps in 2015.

In addition to building products, I also co-founded and co-lead the Associate Product Manager Program at Yahoo. During my tenure, we hired 23 APMs, who ended up contributing immensely to products such as Flickr, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Mail, Gemini Advertising, and more.

After leaving Yahoo, I started working on my own projects. The first one was Quartz Timepieces, which now exclusively sells through Amazon. I have also helped Queretaro Dental Pro with their online presence and advertising. I co-founded La Tienda Venezolana in mid-July, together with my sister.

At the moment, I'm organizing workshops to teach people about Product Management Fundamentals, as well as help others train for interviews.

Here's my resume in PDF format. If there's enough interest, I may publish a version that can be easily copied/edited.

Press coverage

Press coverage: TechCrunch, NBC, The Verge, Bloomberg, Vogue, Engadget
Press coverage: TechCrunch, NBC, The Verge, Bloomberg, Vogue, Engadget